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I am of Romanian origin and was born on 18 November 1973 in Timișoara, where I spent my childhood. In 1988, I emigrated to Germany with my family. Since 2003, I have lived in Switzerland. Here are some more key details about me:

  • Degree from Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany, Faculty of Philosophy, subject: Political Science and Law, year of graduation: 2000.
  • Completed the Masters Programme in Advanced European Studies of the European Institute at the University of Basel, Switzerland, year of graduation: 2002.
  • PhD from the West University of Timișoara, title of doctoral thesis: “European and monetary union and Romania”, supervisor: Grigore Silași, year of graduation: 2008
  • Have completed several specialist courses on European integration.
  • My research activity and teaching at the West University of Timișoara from 2002 (School of Higher Comparative Economic Studies of Timișoara) to 2012 resulted in three books of which I was the primary author, and over 20 academic works published in recognised magazines.
  • Reader in Economic Diplomacy at the National College of Trade and Diplomacy of Economic Relations
  • Completed a 45-day postgraduate course at the National Intelligence College at the Mihai Viteazul National Intelligence Academy (ANIMV) in 2016

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