Poor Bill Gates?

Sara Cunial, member of the Italian parliament, recently demanded Bill Gates’ arrest. Likewise, Robert F. Kennedy, nephew of the former U.S. president J.F. Kennedy, also requested an investigation into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Anti-vaxxers, branded conspiracists claiming Bill Gates is the root of all Corona Crisis evil, are blowing the same horn. And yet, how to prosecute a person who might be out of his mind? Mainstream media is publishing more editorials by psychologists and sociologists expounding conspiracist patterns and behavior than an entire library of medical journals. If these are commissioned articles, then funding a discourse on Bill Gates’ psychological profile is decidedly lacking. It’s a viable demand. Even a flight attendant is required to pass a psychological test. It would seem all the more essential to investigate the mental condition of one whose excessive, multi-billion-dollar patronage influences the political agenda of elected governments.

Let’s assume Mr. Bill Gates suffers from a recurring phobia and instead of cute little ladybugs triggering his terror, he is driven to move heaven and earth to save himself from a deadly – his assessment – virus. What can we do about it? Since he’s already deposited seeds in a bomb-proof bunker on the North Pole and built an additional bunker beneath his estate in Seattle, there’s no telling when the next panic attack will gallop him off in an uncertain direction. Up until the outbreak of Corona hysteria, his idiosyncratic perceptions and phobic fantasies were only witnessed by a chosen few. One of whom is Hall, Gates’ former pool technician, along with several employees. In 2010, as Gates, visibly agitated, urged workers to complete his super-bunker, he urgently advised Hall to get out of the States by the coming weekend.

How to approach a man whose spectrum of phobias come far closer to diffuse conspiracy theories than those proposed by people that fear and defy him? It’s not unlikely, should protesters offer their pity instead of their wrath, extend compassion instead of criticism to a possibly mentally disturbed fellow being, that Mr. Gates would ask them in to admire his favorite toy or would reveal some of his ludicrous hobbies. It’s just as likely that Bill Gates’ next anxiety episode imagines a deadly bunny mutation. We will then see Mr. Drosten and other virologists supplanted by veterinarians and hunters. And Easter will be cancelled forever.

Without a doubt, Bill Gates is a charismatic character. But when judging behavior models, weighing positive and negative behavioral aspects is less revealing than probing into the driving force behind them. The world’s most renowned dictators had no lack of charisma and yet all of them suffered under a messiah complex, the so-called Jerusalem Syndrome.

Highly recommended reading to better understand zealous messiahs, is the book Scenes from the Heart, by Malena Ernman, mother to the renowned climate activist Greta Thunberg. According to the author’s narrative on the (family) disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, environmental activism effectively eases the symptoms her daughter has long suffered.

Naturally, Mr. Gates has no use for layman’s advice. His imperium and network of charities allows him access to the Rockefeller Foundation’s considerable data bank of knowledge. Specific knowledge enhanced by generous donations supporting Nazi Germany’s neurological research. Whether Dr. Frank W. Stahnisch’s Flexible Responses – Open Questions: On the Support Strategies of the Rockefeller Foundation for German Brain Research in the National Socialist Period.[1], or Edwin’s Black book Was Nazi eugenics created in the US?, both point to an ominous transatlantic symbiosis of immeasurable wealth and misanthropic Third Reich science.

Germany’s consummate transformation to democracy is no guarantee that when money and politics share equal parts in creating health policy, they are certain to serve humanity. The broad spectrum of joint projects this dynamic duo carried out during the darkest era of German history, developing vaccinations and pandemic preventions is enough to make even the most diehard vaccination advocate gag. There is a difference if we watch the comic senior citizen gangster trio in the Danish The Olsen Gang or view Gates’ and Rockefeller’s special interest liaison with charity organizations with a critical eye. Yet it can’t be as sinister as it seems when we realize, at the height of Mr. Gates’ fame, that he is just as inspired by manic religious fantasies as Baptist millionaire John D. Rockefeller was as he laid the cornerstone of his neo-Protestant Rockefeller University.

It would be hugely amusing to discover that the personal computer inventor is a dedicated follower of pseudo-religious doomsday beliefs that were widespread and socially acceptable in the 19th century. At least then, instead of criticism and mockery, he would receive our deepest gratitude for his technical contribution to world modernization as well as pity for his weaknesses.


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