Dear Citizen,
I am a Romanian who will stand as an independent in the elections to the European Parliament in May 2014. My name is Radu Golban, I have a PhD in economics and I am an expert on European policy. But what I am about to say is not so much about me as it is about you and Romania.
If you think that you and Romania have been very well represented in Brussels so far, I respect your choice and your time and there is no reason why you should read on. But if you don’t, please read what follows carefully.
Before 2007 we were promised milk and honey from the European Union, and we were disappointed. This was the fault of Brussels and the incompetent political class in Bucharest, with its pockets full of promises and money that came from you as citizens.
Nobody was honest with you or me and no one told us that there are good and bad things about the EU, or why it is important for us to be represented in Brussels by people who are good negotiators, patriots and professionals. We need people like that. In this context, I have decided to step up to the plate instead of complaining.
If you can help me by giving up some of your time and possibly offering financial support for my campaign, I can promise you – and I keep my promises – three things, namely:
1. I will always respect you, keeping you up to date with the events in Brussels that matter to you – and plenty of things are decided there!
2. My door will always be open at my Euro MP offices in Romania and Brussels so that I can listen to your grievances.
3. I will proudly and competently represent Romania’s interests in the European Parliament.
That’s as much as I can promise, without deceiving anyone.
Thank you firstly for reading this message, and secondly for any support you can give to my campaign if possible – either time or financial support, which any independent understands the value of.