Who am I and what do I have to offer?

I have a PhD – a real one – in Economics and a Masters in Advanced European Studies, and I put passion into what I do every day. I am a Romanian who has dedicated himself to Romania and its interests: I have told the truth even when it was inconvenient. I have always fought for the cause I believe in, regardless of the consequences. Now I am ready to fight for Romania and Romanians in Brussels, and I have six main priorities:

Germany must pay its debt to Romania

In 2010 I disclosed the spectacular but rigorously-documented revelation that Germany owes a historic debt to Romania of over 18 billion euros. He who owes debts to Romania must pay them. If it had this money, Romania would no longer need to borrow from the International Monetary Fund.

Organising Romania on a healthy basis: the Swiss model

For over twenty years, Romania has been going through a continuous transition which we are all weary of. We need a model for our nation, a national model. I believe that Romania can become a Switzerland of the East, a stabilising force for democracy, balance and prosperity, both for ourselves and for the region.

Freedom for Romanians to be masters of their own country

What is happening with the improper restitutions to foreigners is not right. Romanians deserve to be landlords, not tenants, in their own country. The wrongful policy of returning hundreds of properties in Transylvania, from which the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania, the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church and the Hungarians in Transylvania in particular are benefiting, is generating colossal expenses for the public purse with the result that the state is becoming a tenant in schools, hospitals and universities.

Halting the erosion of the state and the re-feudalisation of the country

I’ve had enough of local barons who call the shots whenever they please and often control the parties in Bucharest. What we need is regionalisation based on the best European models and practices, not the re-feudalisation of Romania. We need modern leaders and competent managers, not wheeler dealers with feudal ideas. And not an attitude of “let’s keep going because things were better before”. They weren’t!

Attracting European money without theft and inefficiency

Romania can attract many billions of euros in European funds from the European Union. This is our right, but thieves and incompetents have made a mockery of it. We need clear and simple procedures to enable Romanians to attract European money, and proper oversight to prevent theft.

Our nation should stop being passive, we are not a colony

As Petre Tutea rightly said, the current Romanian state is not defending the country’s riches and it is not guaranteeing work for the nation. I believe that Romanians should raise their heads and say loudly and clearly that this cannot go on, either in Bucharest or in Brussels. No more mockery, no more EU mirage. We deserve to be treated as equal partners in Europe and we deserve a better political class that can represent us properly in Bucharest.

If you think Romania’s MEPs are doing a terrific job of representing us, ignore me. But if not, get behind me. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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